Introduction to Joint Attention

An Introduction to Joint Attention

Have you ever wondered how your baby will learn to speak, play and interact with others? There are many ways our children learn to develop these skills. Some of them are so natural and part of our day-to-day activities that we don’t realize our actions are helping our child to learn. The concept of joint attention, or shared engagement, experiences and enjoyment, is one way this learning happens.

Joint attention occurs in early development and is an essential building block to learning language. It emerges as early as two months and is well established by 18 months of age.

In part one of our video series on joint attention, our therapist provides a short introduction into joint attention and demonstrates examples of shared experiences.

Now that you’ve been introduced to joint attention, take a deeper look into why joint attention is important for your child and learn more about how to engage and share with them to encourage speech development.

Our team of therapists are experienced in joint attention and can you develop this skill in your child, which will ultimately result in language development. Contact us to learn more.


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