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How Your Child Learns to Make Things Happen through Cause and Effect

During the first year of life your child will learn the concept of Cause and Effect. It begins when babies learn that when they call, you will come. This allows your child to learn that he can make things happen.

What Age are Babies When They Learn About Cause and Effect?

When babies are 3-6 months of age, they learn that when they cry, they will be comforted, changed or fed by their parents or caregiver. At this age, your baby is starting to understand that his behaviour results in a response from a parent. Babies may also demonstrate cause and effect when they turn their head in the direction of a loud noise and kick their legs to make a mobile move. Did you know that when babies put toys in their mouth it isn’t always as a result of teething? Placing toys in their mouth and hands is a way for babies to explore their environment and is a key part of language development. Allow your baby to explore a variety of baby-safe toys and objects in different ways.

How Soon Can You Expect Your Baby to Shake a Rattle or Bang a Drum to Hear The Sound?

By the time babies are eight months old, they’ll shake a toy or bang a drum to hear the sound, splash hands in water, push a button to watch a figure pop up and clap hands to start an interaction with a parent or caregiver.

You can help encourage your child’s development by allowing them to press buttons and perhaps signing them up for a local music class. They may love experimenting with different instruments! Ever wonder why your 12-month-old keeps dropping objects from their high chair? They’re learning that when they drop something, you’ll pick it up. The more you pick it up, the more they’ll delight in dropping it to see it come back to them again! By the time they reach 24 months of age, toddlers will try to wind up a toy, build a tower and knock it down, bang pots and pans and push a car to make it roll.

This video will show you how babies and toddlers demonstrate Cause and Effect.

What are some other ways that you’ve noticed your baby show you that they know how to make things happen? Please share your experience in the comments.


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