Communication: It’s More Than Words

Communication: It’s More Than Words

When we think about communication, it’s often ‘talking’ that comes to mind. We think about words, sentences and languages. But communication is more than that. It’s about how we give and take verbally and non-verbally, back and forth, engaging and sharing ideas.

For people to communicate with others, there needs to be a reason to communicate and a means to communicate.

Take a second and think about why you used your phone today. Were you calling someone to ask for information (e.g., store hours, directions, to say hi and talk about your day)? How did you use your phone today? Did you speak and use verbal language? Did you text or e-mail and use written language? Maybe you didn’t even use verbal or written language. Maybe you used emoticons! 🙂

Different forms of communication presents different challenges

Different forms of communication can present different challenges and levels of comfort in children and adults. They may feel comfortable with gestures and writing, but not with speaking. Or they may have trouble interacting in various social settings, yet feel comfortable one on one.

Treatment helps overcome challenges and builds confidence

Treatments to support language development (words, sentences and meaning), social communication (turn-taking, interaction, the rules of engagement in social interchange) can help with these challenges and also help to build confidence.

At 1to1 Therapy, we offer speech therapy and also intervention for reading and writing. Our communication therapy is centered on each person’s individual needs for expression, interaction, education, learning, independence, and occupation. To learn more, contact one of our speech therapists.

About the Author
Joanna Ticker is a speech-language pathologist with expertise in the area of preschool and school aged language development. She has led several adapted More Than Words programs (a Hanen program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and social communication difficulties). She is certified with Hanen’s More Than Words and Talkability and she is PROMPT trained.

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