How to Pay for Therapy Services

There are many ways to cover the cost of private therapy services offered by 1to1 Therapy Services. Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Psychology services are covered by most extended health benefits.

Each new client is assigned to a dedicated Social Worker to discuss funding options and referrals to government funded programs. 1to1 works in collaboration with various funding partners to help your family access therapy without waiting lists. Our Care Coordinators are knowledgeable and can assist with extended health benefits, completing funding applications and providing letters of support or quotes for government funded programs.

All inquiries can be directed to:

Care Coordinator
905-787-1900 or 416-925-2135 ext. 557

Private Insurance:

Private therapy is covered under most private insurance and extended benefits plans. Private insurance for therapy operates in the same manner as dental or drug benefits. Please contact your insurance provider to determine coverage specific to your plan. Be sure to inquire about Parent Training coverage. Parents are trained during therapy sessions in order to acquire skills that can be utilized outside of therapy.

President’s Choice Children’s Charity:

Children 18 years of age or under with a physical or developmental delay can receive funding through the President’s Choice Children’s Charity for therapy, mobility equipment and environmental modification. For more information please visit President’s Choice Children’s Charity to apply by completing the application form.

Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity:

Children 21 years of age or under who have a permanent disability or serious illness can receive funding through Jennifer Ashleigh to help alleviate some of the cost of therapy. For more information please visit the Jennifer Ashleigh website or to apply, please complete the application form.

Ontario Autism Program:

The Ontario Autism Program direct funding option allows parents to access direct ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis). The parent has the choice of service provider. 1to1 provides ABA and access to an interdisciplinary team through the current $8,000 funding model and access to ABA through the $10,000 funding. The new Ontario Autism Program funded by the Ministry of Child and Youth Services states,

“We know some families prefer direct funding, where they can purchase services and support through private providers. Others prefer the direct service approach, where children and youth receive services from a government-funded service provider. We are committed to giving families this choice.”

Other Funding Options Include:

Special Services at Home
Ontario Child Benefit
Assistive Devices Program