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An introduction to self-regulation

As children grow and develop, their behaviour changes—sometimes the changes are positive, but sometimes they bring forth challenges. It’s important to regulate this behaviour and control emotions and thoughts that could impact learning. In doing so, your child is more likely to remain in a calm state and be able to control his or her body more effectively. This is self-regulation.

What is self-regulation?

The term self-regulation is your child’s ability to respond appropriately to the environment by regulating thoughts, emotions and behaviours. It is your infant’s response to a loud noise by sucking his thumb to self-soothe, or your toddler’s ability to inhibit an inappropriate response such as throwing a book or screaming in the grocery store.

At 1to1Therapy Services, our Behaviour Therapy programs use evidence-based treatment approaches to build functional skills and decrease challenging behaviours. Learning self-regulation is part of this treatment.

This video is part one of our series on self-regulation. In future posts, we will share additional tips and guidance to help your child remain in a calm state of mind and control their body.


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