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Corporate Services

In today’s dynamic and evolving business world, it is imperative to gain a competitive edge. 1to1 offers corporate services to help businesses become more knowledgeable and productive.

Accent Modification

We all have accents of one nature or another. There are two types of accents: “regional accents” based on the fact that we come from different parts of Canada or the United States or “foreign accents”, because we are native speakers of one language and speaking another. Sometimes our accents can hinder our personal, social or business life and a Speech Language Pathologist can help through the process of Accent Modification or Accent Reduction.

Learn how a Speech Therapist can modify an accent in Unlearning to Tawk Like a New Yorker.

Public Speaking

Arguably one of the most feared activities, public speaking can be nerve racking to say the least. The truth however, is that it takes more than just calming your nerves to be an effective public speaker. Learn the tips and tricks from a Speech Language Pathologist.

Nutrition Counseling

A healthy employee is a valuable employee. Companies that have embraced a “nutrition program” of one type or another have found that they are not only benefitting their employees but the corporation as a whole as well. Healthy employees are happy employees. Employees feel less tired, more productive and will see more of a work/life balance. In return, companies see less sick days, decrease the use of benefits and an overall increase in productivity and office morale. Let 1to1 Therapy Services show you how implementing a nutrition program can help you and your organization.